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Build a better kayak than you can buy

On choosing, building and using canoes, kayaks, paddles and small boats

Choosing is about dimensions, characteristics, performance, equipment and other things that influences the choice of a kayak or canoe to buy or build.

Building is information on the building method, a complete online building manual for kayaks canoes and paddles, and facts on materials.

Paddling contains advice on paddling techniques, safety in kayaks and canoes, as well as online classes on navigation, meteorology, touring and maritime common sense.

Reading is articles on the history and geography of kayaks, canoes and paddles, a commented list of related books, links etc.

The latest news and launching reports

Frej i Rockland, Maine

Frej David Long

New great photos from the Maine archipelago and the red Frej that David Long launched a year ago:

"Hi Bjorn,

Some more photos of my Frej in its second season. The experience keeps getting better. One exceptional kayak.

best regards,
David Long"

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Black Pearl – Ton Affourtit

From Netherlands, a beautifully decorated Black Pearl: "Björn Thomasson, It's already almost a year ago that I finished the bui… Read full post

Stockenträff 2017 med mersmak...

Stockenträffen i den gånga helgen i Tjörnkajaks regi blev en trevlig historia: härligt väder, 170-180 deltagare från flera länd… Read full post

Njord – Johan Fridström

Got a couple of emails from Johan Fridström in Blekinge, Sweden, with photos of his new and very well-built Njord. The wood is… Read full post

Singoalla – Lars-Olof Danielsson

Launched – an unusually pretty and well constructed Singoalla for fishing and touring: "1/12 -16 köpte jag ritning på en Singoa… Read full post

More news and launchings…


  1. Frej i Rockland, Maine
  2. Black Pearl – Ton Affourtit
  3. Njord – Johan Fridström
  4. Singoalla – Lars-Olof Danielsson
  5. Njord – Luca Seganti
  6. Black Pearl – Erik Frantzen
  7. Jack 14 –Bjørn Arild Hauglin
  8. Nanoq – Paul Teather
  9. Frej – Alf Skaug
  10. Swift/2 – Chris Gash

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