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A web site on choosing, building and using canoes, kayaks, paddles and small boats

Choosing is about dimensions, characteristics, performance, equipment and other things that influences the choice of a kayak or canoe to buy or build.

Building is information on the building method, a complete online building manual for kayaks canoes and paddles, and facts on materials.

Paddling contains advice on paddling techniques, safety in kayaks and canoes, as well as online classes on navigation, meteorology, touring and maritime common sense.

Reading is articles on the history and geography of kayaks, canoes and paddles, a commented list of related books, links etc.

The latest news and launching reports

Karlstadspärla på väg till vattnet

Black Pearl – Lars Westman

Lars Westman har lastat sin Black Pearl för sjösättning.

"Nu är det ytterligare en “pärla” i Karlstad.


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New exciting kayak project

Since summer 2014 a new commercial kayak project has been underways.Together with Petruskajak and Kano og Kajakværkstedet in De… Read full post

First Nanoq in the US...

"Dan & Bjorn, I finally launched my new Alleq/Nanoq. I just love it. Nimble, quick and responsive. Did not roll it yet (water t… Read full post

News in the catalog

As some have discivered I have added a couple of new models to the catalog – kayaks I have developed over a long time. An unexp… Read full post

Överspelade sajtproblem

Igår fick Google lite överraskande för att sig att min sajt kunde ha blivit hackad och såg sig föranlåten att lägga upp den här… Read full post

More news and launchings…


  1. Karlstadspärla på väg till vattnet
  2. First Nanoq in the US...
  3. Njord – Peter Träisk
  4. Spindrift – Ken Katz
  5. Najad – Erik Bergström
  6. Smart – Jocke Ögren
  7. Alleq - Kjell Munksten
  8. Frej – Sten-Åke Nordin
  9. Frej – Marius Markussen
  10. Frej – Johan Wretborn

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