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Build a better kayak than you can buy

On choosing, building and using canoes, kayaks, paddles and small boats

Choosing is about dimensions, characteristics, performance, equipment and other things that influences the choice of a kayak or canoe to buy or build.

Building is information on the building method, a complete online building manual for kayaks canoes and paddles, and facts on materials.

Paddling contains advice on paddling techniques, safety in kayaks and canoes, as well as online classes on navigation, meteorology, touring and maritime common sense.

Reading is articles on the history and geography of kayaks, canoes and paddles, a commented list of related books, links etc.

The latest news and launching reports

New Zealand surfskis on the water

The Russels with their Spindrifts and Spray. Photo: Warwick Russel.

"Hi Bjorn,
As promised, some pictures of the skis on the water. We are all so pleased with our boats, all I can say is thank you for the wonderful designs! I think we could have gone for 44cm beam on the altered Spindrift instead of the 45, so incredibly stable they turned out to be. Next year maybe?
My brother does not paddle his beloved Swordfish S any more because he regards his Spindrift as much superior. Can't say much more than that!
Many thanks again.

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Surfskis from down under

A couple of launch-ready surfskis from från Auckland, New Zealand: a Spray and a short Spindrift. "Hi Bjorn,A quick update from… Read full post

Caribou 495 – Bjørn Granås

Hei. Da er min Caribou ferdig og prøvepadlet i dag. Meget fornøyd. Sender med noen bilder av den. Mvh. Bjørn Granås. Read full post

Patent infringement? Me? No...

I reorganized the content on my disc drive the other day and found this somewhat surrealistic dispute with an American patent a… Read full post

Birch bark canoes

Surfing around on kayak and canoe related links I found some interesting films about building birch bark canoes in Canada. I ha… Read full post

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  1. New Zealand surfskis on the water
  2. Surfskis from down under
  3. Caribou 495 – Bjørn Granås
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