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Deck hardware

As with cockpit rim the choices are endless. My favorite since a couple of kayaks back is the Maroske type of molded fittings. Quickly built, very strong and built-down in the deck. But large wooden pearls (for kids necklaces) cut in halves, glued-in nylon webbing or turned wooden fitting with steel pins will work.

The Maroske fittings are constructed like this: With a piece of plastic tubing as a mold going through two holes in the deck, some fibre glass pieces and epoxy are built up around the tubing - forming a epoxy tunnel for the deck line when the tubing is pulled out.

Now we can glue the deck and hull together to make a kayak…

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HEJ thomas

hvad koster et sæt tegninger til en havkajak- som selvbygger?

med skulpturel hilsen

Peter Hesk - DK

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