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Blue whale!

Blue whale close-up

Imagine meeting a blue whale close to the kayak when out on a sea tour. Mark Sanders in California did just that. Here are his photos...


Simply amazing encounter. Blue whales are pretty seclusive.

At least his kayak didn't attacked by a great white shark like Duane Strosaker did a few weeks ago! Shows how tough a wooden kayak can be.


Thanks for exposing my Blue Whale photos to a new audience!

I can tell you it was an amazing day. I've been lucky enough to see Blue Whales on quite a few occasions, but this was the first time I got some nice photos of them!


Hi Mark,

It must have been an amazing experience! The only whales I have met at sea in my kayaks are Harbour Porpoises (tumlare in Swedish) a couple of times, and I did not have my camera accessible at those time!

Sometimes larger whales (humpbacks, orcas) come in to the Swedish west coast, but unfortunately not where and when I have been...

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