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What could not be done in cardboard?


Cardboard is an interesting and useful material, but this must be something special: a strong, tough and light bicycle in cardboard! In this 6 m video, the Israeli engineer Izhar Gafni shows and tells how and why he chosed to build a bike in cardboard – with material strength demos and nice clips of biking around. ”When we are told it's impossible, we knew it's the right way to be done”.

The commenter who a year ago or so insisted that this site should paddling and nothing more, may find some concolation in the fact that Izhar Gafni shows a cardboard canoe as main inspiration source for his bike project.

(found on Dezeen)



Kan också vara så att just den den kommentatorn börjat cykla... =)

Ah, det där har jag sett förut. Helt underbart! Nu Björn, vill vi se en ritning på en riktigt fin kartong-kajak! Och varför inte en bil? Någon? Volvo? Saab?

Men cykeln är fantastisk. Men om det regnar?

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