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En Black Pearl?

Bortsett från att jag är rätt nöjd med mina kajakprojekt, tycker jag det är spännande när byggare tillför egna idéer och sätter sin egen prägel på de kajaker han eller hon bygger – även om det då och då kan resultera i rätt stora ändringar.

Men frågan är om det inte har gått lite överstyr här...

Black Pearl?

(Bilden från Oliver Bloch, och Bremen, Maine – tack!)


Isn't the cockpit too far foward?

Just roll it few times and find out! If it rolls - it is not a witch.

But at least the aft deck is pleasingly low...

Looks like a double-wedge lobster boat hull.

I would be interested in seeing the lines!

Me too ;-)

(On a more serious note – I remember an article a couple of years ago in Wooden Boat Mag, with lines, pics, history etc on the Maine loabster boats...)

Do you know the name of the family that owns this lobster boat out of Bremen? I meet them on the dock[launching this boat] at Round Pond on Sat. Sept. 9th. I took a family picture and would like to send them a copy. If you could give me their name or give them my emil address, I would appreciate it. Beautiful boat!! Thanks


Yvette, there is no photo. You cannot upload photos – you can only refer to a web source by using the url, as is or by Markdown syntax: link text.

But I cannot help you. I do not know anything about lobster boats anywhere – the boat in the photo above was sent to me just because it happened to have the same name as one of my kayaks ;-)

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