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Surfski cockpit – Jan-Olof Karlsson

Från Jan-Olof Karlsson som byggt en surfskiprototyp, kommer dessa idéer för en stripbyggd sittbrunn.

Ett enkelt och effektivt pedalställ...

Montage för SmartTrack-roder

Några bilder med konstruktionen

Wood strip surfski cockpit
På ett par plywoodstöd formas själva sittytan

Wood strip surfski cockpit
Sittbrunnen med främre skottet. På höger reling syns de blivande urtagen för upphalslinan till rodret.

Wood strip surfski cockpit
Sidostyckena provas ut. Notera urtagen för roderlinorna, hitom den högra limklämman.

Wood strip surfski cockpit
Sidostycken i en annan vinkel

Wood strip surfski cockpit
Baksidan av sidostycket, med urtaget för roderlinan


Just a thought. An ergo fit ski cockpit is a complex shape. Would it be possible to take a moulding from a good fitting ski cockpit and use a wood veneer or foil and clear resin to create a wood look for a strong ski cockpit?

Yes, absolutely doable – but the complex shape makes the fitting of veneer a formidable task.

A cockpit pod built like an old wooden racing kayak (three or four layers of 0,8 mm veneer), would be strong and beautiful.

I do not know what you mean with foil, but if you are thinking of a wood grain vinyl or similar, I am not too enthusiastic – I would prefer a carbon cockpit to a fake wooden one.

I was thinking of thin veneers as a 'best' option. I experimented on a model boat moulding many years ago. It came out looking like varnished wood. As it was never used, I had no idea if the laminate would last. Having moved to a very rural part of Cornwall where most boats are very traditional, I feel that a wooden ski would fit in better. I feel a winter project coming on :)

Struer in Denmark dominated the racing scene for a number of years with their beautiful and efficient wooden kayaks – approx 3 mm softwood core with a 0,4-0,5 mm hardwood veneer on each side, the outer longitudinally oriented, the inner athwartships. They were light and stiff and, of course, delicate – but easily repaired if necessary. Something like that might work...

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