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Black Pearl – Christophe Meyer

Christopher with new BP

Hello Björn,

After 11 months of work in my "shipyard", my Black Pearl is now afloat. After three trips, I still have to find the good adjustments inside the cockpit, in particular with the seatback, but my first impressions about this ship are very good.

Christopher with new Black Pearl

It was very hard for me to decide if this kayak would be a black, a white or a wood pearl. So, I did a mixture with all that, and you can see the result. It is called "Inukshuk".

Christopher with new Black Pearl

I am now looking for another kayak, a fast boat for a week long use in full autonomy, with all my camp gear and food. Maybe a Njord? Why not?

Christophe Meyer - Brittany - France.


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