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Black Pearl – Wouter Kammeijer

Black Pearl – Wouter Kammeijer

Hei Björn!

It's finished! I've put a ridiculous amount of working hours in it but it was fun and she's become a beautiful boat. I sort of kept track on my web log: with photographs.

I was immensely anxious to take it on her first trip. I thought I done good, but there certainly was a sliver of doubt. But that completely washed away when I got my Black Pearl water born. What a fantastic boat. I've been nothing but excited to go paddling again.

It's fast, light and rolls like a dream. The lines are just stunning. You designed a truly wonderful boat.

Wouter Kammeijer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Simply beautiful. I love how the black hull wraps onto the and frames the plain wood-stripped deck. Stunning...

Thanks Dan!

I've come across some of the posts on building the Neytiri in the past, but just saw how it came out. Man, talk about a stunning boat...

This smile is familiar and unique to paddling in a home made BP, congratulations with your wonderful kayak! Monique (BP Zeeland -NL, jan 2009)

Great work!

I totally agree with Dans comment; the contrast with paint and wood really makes the boat stand out. It also flirts with traditional sailboat designs.

One of the prettiest I've seen - and it seems like each individual Black Pearl is a beautiful kayak. Agree with the Dan, and as Björn says elsewhere on this site, the'utraclean look highlights the form of the kayak. Absolutely beautiful.

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