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David E Moncton – Thule/2

Super gloss!

Mail och bilder på en snygg Thule/2 från David E Moncton i USA.

"Bjorn: Thought you might like to see how she has come along. I have 10cm deck plates in both forward and aft bulkheads. In picture #022 you can see the carbon fiber running inside the hull. And there is another strip running under the deck. She is very stiff now! You can also see hip braces, the thigh brace structure (continuation of the deck), and the aft end of the foot brace support No rudder or hatches yet--maybe next winter after we give her some trials this summer. The next pictures I send will hopefully show her in the water at the Chesapeake festival on May 15. Thanks again for all your support. David

Cockpit closeup

Incredible finish

Update a couple of days later:

Here is my wife on the front lawn. She fits very well in her cockpit, but she is still a little skeptical of the double concept--as you can see by her expression! She says she wants to have her independence. I am sure she will love it once we get in the water. David

Trying out the cockpit



you have made a simply marvelous kayak. Thank you for sharing some photos.


Erik J

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