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Frej – Christophe Grimonpon

Frej – Christophe Grimonpon

"Hi Björn, 

I finally got to launch my Frej called "Vieille Maine" last weekend for an Easter egg hunt with my club. My people tried it and all were very enthusiastic, stressing the comfortable paddling position and manoeuverability. Most of them were sprint champions so when they get to try a sea kayak, it is like going from a Lamborghini to a Bentley to them. 

I had a great time and felt very at ease straight away, the skeg makes an incredible difference in the wind, in terms of direction and even stability. 

I have a question regarding the waterline however: as you can see on one of the photos, the front seems too high and out of the water. Do you reckon that pushing the seat forward a little (3cms) could help? 

Thank you for everything, it is an incredible feeling now being part of the people who have made a boat. 


Frej – Christophe Grimonpon

Frej – Christophe Grimonpon


I answered the question about longitudinal balance thus:

Hi Christophe

Thank, you for the photos, and a very nice paint job ;-)
Frej gets much of its maneuverability and stability from the accentuated rocker in the keel, lowering the center of gravity. One consequence of this is that the paddler's suitable weight range is more limited than with the more common straighter keel. It is the main reason for offering three sizes but also means that a paddler close to the lower limit might experience the bow, and sometimes also the stern out of the water when still or at very low speeds. It is primarily an aesthetic problem since the bow wave at speed climbs up and submerges the stem.
But, I agree, moving the seat a couple of cm forward is probably a good idea – it adjusts the longitudinal balance slightly, and it makes aft-leaning rolls more comfortable without any disadvantages. I can't from your photos see how the seat is positioned, but I have learned that a few builders disregarded the notes on the plans and get the seat too close to the aft edge of the cockpit.



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