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Nanoq – Naomi McKay

Nanoq – Naomi McKay

Naomi McKay i British Columbia har byggt och sjösatt en mycket snygg och välbyggd Nanoq som hon använder i fjällsjöarna på västkanten av Canadian Rockies och i de fantastiska paddelvattnen runt Vancouver Island. Följande mail var adresserat till mig som konstruktör, Rod Tate (Orca Boats) som hjälpte till med slutfinishen och John Abercrombie som assisterade med goda råd före och under bygget. På Naomis Intagramkonto (@paradisebcpaddling ) finns massor av andlöst vackra bilder och filmsnuttar av hav, sjöar, berg, kajaker och paddling (bland annat den video som nämns i mailet).

"Good morning gentlemen!

My beautiful Nanoq is done and I could not be happier!

Thank you John for all your insight and advice. And for taking the time to show me your beautiful boats and introducing me to the build process.

Thank you Bjorn for your vision and creativity. For designing such a masterpiece. And for being so available to answer my questions when I reached out during the build process.

And thank you Rod for rescuing me when I had no place to finish her. You are so talented and did such an incredible job finishing her for me. I really can’t thank iou enough.

I love this boat more than I can express and have been paddling her daily. She is so beautiful and so wonderful to paddle.

I have been posting photos and videos on Instagram on my paddling account @paradisebcpaddling and have received so many positive comments about her. One reel on Instagram has been liked by nearly 1,000 people!

Here is that video of my Nanoq in her mountain home. Being serenaded by a loon! And one of me carrying her up from the beach after a sunset paddle. And when she was launched at Cattle Point in Victoria She weighs 36 pounds!

Thank you again!"

Nanoq – Naomi McKay

Nanoq – Naomi McKay

Nanoq – Naomi McKay

Nanoq – Naomi McKay


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