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Njord – Guido Galbariggi

Njord – Guido Galbariggi

"Dear Bjorn,

As usual, to build one of your kayak is a pleasure.

Strips seem to assemble by themselves, you finish the hull and then the deck and say: WOW, it's me that has made this?

My new Njord, Papageno, is really safe, comfortable,and very fast too!

As you see, she is so stable that I can go fishing if I want. Seabass was 54 cm long and 1.8 kg :-)

This year I made Vogalonga* and many people told me: what a beautiful kayak!

I confirm, as you said, that Black Pearl and Njord are the two kayaks to have to make almost every possible program. Two persons made their first kayak outing with Njord and were always in confidence and enjoyed the trip.

many thanks for this really beautiful kayak

Kind regards,


Njord – Guido Galbariggi


*Vogalonga är en 30 km rodd- och paddeltävlingur/tävling genom centrala Venedig

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