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Njord – Jukka Vanne

Njord – Jukka Vanne

Hi there Björn!

Now finally my new Njord is ready. Here are some pics. Weight with all rigging included (bunjy cord etc.) is 17 kg. Considering I used some mahogany for the looks, I guess the weight is ok - was hoping for 16 kg though.

Haven't yet been on the water too much, but from what I have tried, it does seem very good - seems to have nice speed, stability is ok (95kg paddler) and with a little skeg exposed, it paddles like on tracks. The rope skeg works nicely!

Thanks! - a great design! 😁


If someone is interested I have some contruction pictures here on FB.

Njord – Jukka Vanne

Njord – Jukka Vanne


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