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Njord – Marc Valgaeren

Njord – Marc Walgaeren

A very nice interpretation of Njord, very close to initial intentions and hopes!

Hello Björn,

I just wanted to let you know that I recently finished the Njord. It took me about 310 hours of work, due to the problems I had with glassing the hull as you may recall ( i had to redo it because of air bubbles). The rest of the building process went reasonably well.

I did make a few changes, I reduced the height of the foredeck in front of the cockpit to 21cm, and I glued in a foam masik, so I now have 19cm from my kneecaps to the bottom. I like a tight fit.

I also made the coaming larger behind my back, so my tuilik and sprayskirts would fit. I kept the seat position according to the plan.

I hope you don't think I've spoiled the lines of your design with these changes.

I tried to give the Njord a modern look, but with a few details referring to its east Greenland history, such as decklines and paddle holders.

I live 200 km from the sea, so I went testing it on a canal which is usually crowded with freight boats. My first impression is that the Njord is pretty fast, I did 10 km in one hour. And she rolls very easily. It feels very stable and safe. I like it very much!

Despite some difficulties I liked building it very much, it was my first strip-built. I immediately started a new project, I want to build a strip-built version of my east Greenland SOF replica. 

Thank you, Björn, for your advice, and for the wonderful design.

Best wishes,
Marc Valgaeren

Njord – Marc Walgaeren

Njord – Marc Walgaeren


Such a beautiful build, and 300 hours well spent.

Njord är onekligen den vackraste mest fulländade tolkningen av en modern grönlandskajak (IMO). Det är synd om oss som varken har obehindrad tillgång till 300 byggtimmar eller för den delen verkstad. Sätter mitt hopp till Petrus...


De 300 timmarna är inte en påbjuden byggtid ;-)

150 timmar är vanligare, med en och annan neråt 70-80 timmar (fast då är det sällan den första kajaken) – men en vecka i Tranås kapar oftast ytterligare ett par timmar.

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