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Pauls SOF-Hunter sjösatt

Paul´s SOF Hunter

"Good afternoon Bjorn,

Well the Hunter SOF is built and I will send pictures to you after this weekend of both boats together as Tripp and I are going to test them out on the beach. If you remember, I decided to make the sof version with Tripp Stanley (who just sent you pictures I took of his beautiful wood strip version.) I hesitate to call it the “Hunter” as I did not follow the plans faithfully having to deal with hard chines and I wanted a bit more volume.

Surprisingly enough, the boat paddles very similarly to Tripps boat even though he seems to have a much flatter hull. Not sure I understand but it works anyway.

Anyway, not being a builder I tried and have a very serviceable boat that I am very happy with. Sorry if it doesn’t look like what you designed to your eyes.



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