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Panthera.2 by Luca Seganti in Italy

Panthera.2 – Luca Seganti

Hi Bjorn,

And also the Panthera 2 has been completed…

I’m very proud of it, it’s a beautiful and elegant design.

The boat is 680cm, I have no idea about the weight, I suppose between 25 and 30Kg.

I just used it two times for a couple of hours and the first impression is of a stable boat (more than my two Njords), fast, with a nice agility thanks to the rudder, and pleasantly smooth in the waves, really smooth.

The cruise speed is a bit more than 9Km/h and it’s easy to push it to 12Km/h, but obviously, it depends on the paddlers…

Many thanks, Bjorn, Another Perfect Kayak!

Obviously, you are very very welcome in Italy to test your kayak, let me know.

Ciao, Luca

Panthera.2 – Luca Seganti

Panthera.2 – Luca Seganti

Panthera.2 – Luca Seganti


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