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S/Y Kuling i Norge...

S/Y Kuling på tur...

För flera år sedan sjösatte Olle Jeppsson en mycket välbyggd Sharpie 600 med gaffelrigg. Den seglades flitigt runt om i Skandinavien, men efter några år fick Olle jobb på andra sidan jorden, och såg sig tvungen att sälja S/Y Kuling.

Köpare var Audun Bull-Hansen i Norge, som nu efter en första säsong med båten skickar en härlig film från segling i farvattnen kring Tønsberg vid Oslofjorden.

På Auduns sajt finns också länkar till Olles byggdagbok med mera...

Sharpien på min sajt.

Några bilder från Malmö:

Olle Jeppsson (till höger) i Malmö hamn
I Malmö hamn – till höger Olle Jeppsson

Malmö hamn, A-bryggan


What a beautiful boat! There are even kayaks in the background...

How long did this take to construct?



Thank you, Josh, and all credits to the builder, Olle Jeppsson, for the outstanding work on this boat (I bought it from him, may 2011).

You can read about the background and preparations here:

and the building process here:

All written by Jeppsson himself. I want to add that the boat was, for me, a perfect introduction to sailing. Funny and very easy to sail, comfortable to live in for one or two persons for some days, and suits the weather and water conditions here in southern Oslo fjord very well.


Can add that the paddlers are my paddling companions in Malmö Kanotklubb, impatiently waiting for me to get in the kayak again after my photo session (one in a strip built Nomad, the other in a Seda Glider).

Audun Bull-Hansen, If you ever decide to sell her please contact me by email as I would be an interested buyer. Thanks, Pat

Pat, that would not be easy, since you did not submit a mail address in your comment – contact him directly via mail instead.

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