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Information about choosing canoes and kayaks etc.

The canoe is a craft of human dimensions. It is big enough to hold everything needed for a fortnight in the wilderness - yet small enough to transport on a roof rack or be lifted indoors. It has enough weight to keep going between paddle strokes but is light enough to be carried with one hand. It is fast enough for impressive daily runs but slow enough to give time for contemplation. It demands little and gives much.

In a canoe you are close to nature and to adventures. Not always the breathtaking kind, but small, satisfying everyday adventures. Even the most serene stream has a complex animal life above and below the surface. Downstream awaits the sea - upstream, rapids and cataracts. In a canoe you can travel through nature without leaving traces.

"Take nothing but memories
Leave nothing but footprints
Kill nothing but time
Above all, have fun"

As craft for workout and recreation there is a canoe for everybody, regardless of their abilities. For the builder, a canoe is a manageable project, where none of the tasks goes on long enough to leave you bored or exhausted.

  1. 1. Om att välja kajak

    Ett systematiskt sätt att välja kajak

  2. 2. Dimensioner: form, mått och utrustning

    Vad betyder mått och form för kajakens egenskaper?

  3. 3. Kajakers egenskaper och prestande

    Vad är det som gör en kajak snabb, stabil eller manöverbar?

  4. 4. Om att välja kanadensare

    Olika kanadensartyper - skillnader och likheter - för- och nackdelar.

  5. 5. Om att välja paddel

    Hur lång skall paddeln vara? Skall den vara vinklad eller inte? Lite information om att välja paddlar


Hi Bjorn,

I am interested in building a kayak, especially one like the link i provided. I believe this kayak is your design, can you please tell me what model it is if you can distiguish it ? Do you think building a kayak is an achieveable goal even though I have never built a boat nor have previous experience in such a think. I have the ability to follow precise instructions, do your plans come with step by step instructions.

Looking forward to hear your opinion.

[the link is no longer available]

Hi Ian, I believe that your link depicts a Njord. I am quite sure you can build a kayak - I have yet to meet someone who wants to but can't ;-)

The building manual is not a step-by-step per se, but more an illustrated walk-through of the project with tips and discussion of alternative methods - needs a little more decisionmaking and thinking, but will also result in a kayak more personalized and well fitting than a "fit-tab-A-into-slot-A" kind of manual. You can check it out here.

Hi Bjorn,

After having a good look around your site, i am interested strip building Nanoq.

Are plans, etc still available to purchase?


Alex Whyte

Yes, the kayaks, canoes and small boats in the catalog are available.

Dear Sir,

Could you please let us know which system of kayaks are better for kayak angling sports?

Pedal OR Paddle

Kind Regards,


No I can't – primarily since it is a matter of individual prefence but also since I do not use kayaks for that purpose.

I am interested in your Panthera in stitch and glue. I live in the United States and would like to know how much the plans and wood might cost. Scott

The plans are for strip building. S&G kits or finished kayaks are marketed by Petruskajak in Sweden and Clear Stream Custom Water Craft in NH US.

For kit cost, contact one of these. Prices differ considerably between Sweden and the US, so any guess of mine would be unusable (prices are generally higher in Sweden).

If you consider building the original strip version, the plans cost is €128, which is approx $140 (including shipping).

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