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Rough water play...

Pål Gustad and Black Pearl

Different attitudes towards "bad" weather: I sat behind window panes, watching the gusts play havoc in the garden, while Pål Gustad was out having fun in his Black Pearl!

Hi Björn!

Was out in quite big waves and hard wind yesterday. A lot of surfing and both voluntary and involuntary rolling. The kayak was, as usual, absolutely fantastic :-)

Was lucky to have my friend Tage Solberg, photographer, with me. Here are a few pics.

Pål Gustad

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Invented: a new kayak paddle

Gullwing paddle

There is a new kind of paddle, developed in the U.S., called Gullwing. The inventor found the common paddles quite inadequate for their intended purpose. "Why Dig You When You Can glide" - with a Gullwing you glide where the rest of us who struggle with wing paddles, euros and Greenland paddles merely dig inefficiently in the water.

Now I have not tried Gullwing and therefore have no idea if it lives up to the inventor's enthusiasm, or is just another pretentious solution to a problem that does not exist.

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Tanned? Perhaps not but a good workout it was...

Packing on Bua beach. Photo: Sassa Buregren
Packing on Bua beach. Photo: Sassa Buregren

No, it wasn´t the optimal choice of a paddling week. Of nine days I had force six or more on five, of these over force seven on four and eight on one, and rain on four days, two of them with 24 hour-rain. But head winds and currents are great for building stamina...

(Note that the photos with a zoom icon lower right are clickable for a larger version). I have also added a chart - though with low resolution, since the trip covered five full size charts.

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