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Some other manuals are available online..

One of the most complete is One Ocean Kayaks – detailed, comprehensive, nicely illustrated and with a higher ambition than mine when it comes to craftsmanship. The sit also contains lots of general information on epoxy, fiberglass, wood etc and some interesting tests of materials and methods.

A more condensed pdf-manual is available at NewFound Woodworks.

Some valuable advice from an professional boatbuilder can be found on Johan Wirsén´s manual (Swedish only though).

Building manual

  1. 1. Information on workshop and tools

    What is there to say about the workshop? And what tools do you need?

  2. 2. Material facts

    Chosing timber, epoxy and fibre glass

  3. 3. Minimizing risks

    A boat builders shop is a potentiellay dangerous place, with sanding dust, oils, paints, sharp tools, machines and solvents. No place for carelessness.

  4. 4. Preparations

    Before you start stapling strips there some preparatory steps that needs attention.

  5. 5. Building hull and deck

    Strip, glue and laminate - a gratifying step.

  6. 6. Kayaks

    A few tasks are treated differently - here is what is needed for kayaks…

  7. 7. Canoes

    There are some differences in the building process between kayaks and canoes. This is about canoes.

  8. 8. Finishing

    Varnishing is the glory job. You remember the hours of sanding and preparation, but it is the last coat everyone will see.

  9. 9. Upkeep and repairs

    Sooner or later scratches or damages occur - regardless of how careful you are. But such signs of wear are easily repaired.

  10. 10. Paddelritningar och byggbeskrivningar

    När kanoten är färdigbyggd fortsätter du lämpligen med en paddel - när du har ångan uppe och verktyg och material till hands och medan du väntar på att lacken skall torka. Det finns mycket att vinna på att utforma paddeln efter dina behov och paddelteknik.


Dear Sir,

We liked very much the wood surfski kayak .

Please tell me if the plans and the building instructions can be sent by email and then printed to a width of 90 cms?

We are a club that all ready built small sailing dinghies,with children, people with mild mental sickness and cerebral palsy sufferers.

Please visit our website

Do you have special prices for non profitable projects?

Best regards,

João Macedo

Contact me via email...

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