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A classic re-read

The Complete Book of Sea KayakingI have re-read The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking by Derek Hutchinson, now in its fifth edition. I bought my first, the third edition, some ten years ago as a new paddler, and learned a lot. But I was also slightly disappointed that some chapters felt outdated at the time and transferred my interest to books that appeared more modern.

Now after reading the fifth edition, I can conclude that Derek Hutchinson is still going strong and that it is time to retire my previous view. This is really a complete book of sea kayaking. It is heavily updated, rewritten, the illustrations are colored and the photos are new. A couple of new chapters are added - one on racing technique and wing paddle and one on using pools practises in innovative ways to increase your sea kayaking skills. The chapter on kayak and paddel history is also updated and have some very exciting old photographs added. Buy it even if you have one or more of the older editions!


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