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A couple of KAVAT kayaks

Tre nya Kavater

Hello Björn

Launchings report from Varberg.

A couple of weeks ago I finished my first kayak, built without bulkheads and witha fixed skeg. We (my wife Eva and myself) are very pleased with the performance. I notce that Eva ios more comfortable and secure in this than our other kayak (Prion Kodiak), resulting in considerably higher speed. Being without a rudder turned out to be a very shortlived concern, and she tracks and turns effortlessly.

Eva in the new Kavat

Last weekend Lars-Erik Carlsson launched his second Kavat. The first was finished last fall. The top photo:: Lars-Erik Carlsson, Eva Granholm och Lisbeth Carlsson, with our three KAVAT:s.

After launching I went into a builders abstinence, and started a new project: a Najad. Plan to do most of the sanding outdoors during the summer.

Greetings from Varberg
Bengt Ljungquist


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