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A Kavat in lake Vänern

A new Kavat in lake Vänern

Per Andersson has built and launched a new Kavat in lake Vänern.

"Hi Björn!

A new Kavat in lake Vänern Finally my first kayak is finished. After some testing and a weekend tour I am really hooked on paddling. I started building in July last year and in May it was finished. It was a test to find out if I was all thumbs, but everything went together nicely, and it seems most fingers are correctly positioned. Admittedly, a friend who happens to be a skilled boatbuilder, have contributed with knowledge and motivation - and some hands-on assistance. This summer my goal is a couple of long distance tours and to learn to roll. After that there may be a new kayak building project - a Black pearl maybe…

Have a nice summer!
Per Andersson"


Snyggt jobbar Per och välkommen i kavatgänget!!

Varför blir det så... har man byggt en så vill man bygga en till?

"how many kayaks do a man need? just one more"

/Robert R

Almunge - Uppsala

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