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A new Black Pearl (though white) at CSFW

A new 'White' Pearl

Dan with CSFW has revved up a new pearl project in northeastern USA. The buyer this time is Chris Russo and he ordered a White Pearl.

Dan has simplyfied the stripping further - planed the chines even with the bottom of the forms and stripped the bottom from the keel out. That means no precision fitting of strips - all is planed to fit afterwards and should save some time. Good idea!.

Due to the similarities with the last “White” Black Pearl there will be a few less updates this time.



There are actually 4 strips which need fitting on both ends, the two either side of the keel line. The rest run long and are trimmed. I sanded boat last night and I think it would look really sharp on a bright finished boat. Planing the chines is a bit tricky. You need a few strips attached to them to hold them steady during planing. Over all it has worked well thus far. I still have a few tricks left up my sleave...


Update: I just heard from Chris. This will be the first GREY Black Pearl around. His new color is called Bainbridge White (a nice light grey, almost silver). Should look stunning with black hardware.


Sounds exciting - I am looking forward to see. As far as I know it will be the first silvery Pearl altogether.

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