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A new Thule – somewhat delayed

Got a mail from Jan-Erik Lundkvist about a Thule that missed the summer season.

A new ThuleHello Björn,

Thought I would let you know that your plans eventually turn into kayaks - even if certain projects take a lot of time.

Attached are a couple of pics of my Thule, that with a number of interruptions took two years to build.

But then I started building a work station for bead-and-cove machining, producing 16x5 mm strips.

Unfortunately the winter beat me to it, but with only one single day of indian summer I will launch

In spite of the long building time I am temped to build again, this time another model and with your simplified method - so I´ll be back…

Jan-Erik Lundkvist


Är nyfiken på din fräsanordning till listerna! Har du några bilder?


Magnus J

Magnus J önskade se bilder på min fräsutrustning. Det går att ordna.

Jag vet bara inte hur jag ska förmedla bilderna.


Janne L

Kan du maila bilder plus lite förklarande text till mig så kan jag lägga ut dem som en ny notis eller som ett byggtips. Det finns säkert fler än Magnus som skulle vara intresserade…

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