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Design & Illustration

An american Hunter

A new Hunter

Kim Hoover just finished a Hunter for a customer - a Hunter in cedar, fir and mahogany. A comprehensive pictorial building log shows the process step by step.

Update januari 16

Link to Kayak Building Bulletin Board and a beautiful photo from the launching


Hello Bjorn,

I am the proud owner of the Hunter that Kim Hoover made for me. I was able to paddle it this past weekend for a few hours on a small calm lake. It is very fast, stable, edges very nice, so easy to roll and alot of fun to paddle. I will let you know what I think of it after more hours spent on the water. For now I am extremely pleased with it, the workmanship, the design and lines of the kayak are so pleasing to the eye. I hope to use this boat for play, weekend camping and general use. I have the ocean cockpit which I find fitting for this boat, a custom closed cell foam seat and room under deck for hand pump, room for feet.. a comfortable ride. When paddling hard and fast the bow wave is so small compared to others. What a fine boat. More to follow.


Thank you for the comments so far - looking forward to hear more from you...


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