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Finally, a tiny sliver of winter....

Långa bryggan med kallbad och restaurang längst ut

After an unusually long fall with strong winds and much rain, we finally got a little taste of winter even here down in the south of Sweden. Five-six degrees below zero (C), plus two in the water, calm, sun from a blue sky and a couple of millimeter of snow. Not much compared to what has come down in the northern parts of Sweden, but you have to be content with what you get.

The weather invited to the most delightful swim of the year at Bjerreds Saltsjöbad (Bjerreds salt water bath) at Långa Bryggan (the Long Jetty) that lives up to its name: 550 meters out in the Sound between Sweden and Denmark. Out there is the bath (sauna, dressing room, showers and a ladder down into the water), open for members from six pm to 10 am every day – together with a superb restaurant (both the food and of course, the view).

The deck outside the restaurant in morning sun.


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