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Birch bark canoes

Några filmer om att bygga traditionell näverkanot

Surfing around on kayak and canoe related links I found some interesting films about building birch bark canoes in Canada. I have been there before, but these were new to me:

This is a documentary where Ray Mears build a canoe with traditional methods, materials and tools out in the open on a river bank.

Then I found another contemporary traditional canoe project – informative enough to be a DIY manual! 

I found a short color film from 1946 (some of the colors are actually still there!) about a native American family, building their canoe. 

...and finally, a charming film about canoe paddling on Canada's lakes and rivers ­– ending with a short glimpse of a slightly more modern take on the birch bark canoe.

All in all a good way to spend a couple of hours on a rainy and windy day.


There's this one as well, another of Native Americans building a birchbark canoe circa 1971:

No verbal instruction, but the film records the process so effectively that it, too, amounts to DIY manual.

At one point you can even hear what is probably an old de Havilland Beaver bush aircraft taking off in background noise.

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