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Black Pearl – Bryan Kapteyn

Black Pearl – Bryan Kapteyn

"Hello Bjorn,

Attached is a picture of my Black Pearl. The final length ended up being 596 cm. I used Sea-Lect deck hatches, the 1/4 turn version. The cockpit is a little longer than the one you include with the plans, so I added carbon fibre thigh braces. The seat is minicell with a minicell backbrace built in. The finish is Interlux Perfection 2 part jet black polyurethane with Perfection Plus 2 part varnish on the the cockpit coaming and inside the carbon fibre-lined cockpit. I also painted the inside of the hull with 2 part polyurethane. Final weight turned out to be 14.5 kg. She turns on a dime, accelerates quickly, very responsive to leaning. I am taking her out on Lake Michigan tomorrow night for some big water paddling. Thanks for designing such a marvelous boat!

Bryan Kapteyn"


Perfect finish and low weight!

And nice deck toggles!

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