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Black Pearl in Dalarna

Launched – a new Black Pearl

"Hi Björn!

Another happy owner of a Black Pearl. I am curious to see in what ways it will influence my paddling.

A new Black Pearl living up to its name

Finished just in time for midsummer. Christening and première in my home waters, lake barken in the south of Dalarna - the starting point of Strömsholms canal. The first tour was slightly nervous without proper foot and knee support (I have understood that my two days beard doesn´t help much either). But a little work with glue and foam and a new trip that really whetted my appetite.

Hatches, christening ceremony and cockpit

Some data: Loa=557cm, Beam=49cm, Weight=16kg including seat and lines. The seat is glued to stay in place. The wooden hatches are held down by a lever, described earlier on the site. Cockpit rim in glass and carbon fibre.

Per Jansson"


Väldigt snyggt Per. Med skäggstubben får du fokusera på det positiva - utan yvig grå krans kanske kajaken är mer benägen att hålla rätt sida upp :-)

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