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Black Pearl – Jeff LaPrise

Black Pearl – Jeff LaPrise

Sometimes it takes time. Things get in the way. But in the end, beautiful things may emerge from the shop! I got an email...


Greetings from the United States. I hope this email finds you and your family in good health.

I have been waiting a long time to send this email - over 15 years! Back in 2005 I ordered plans for a Black Pearl Kayak from you. After a year of gathering supplies and reading a couple of books on woodstrip boats, I finally started construction in late 2006/early 2007. Within a few months I had a completed hull and deck and started to epoxy and fiberglass.

I wasn't sure which approach I wanted to use for the hatches. After much consideration, I ordered VCP hatches and covers and started to build the recessed areas to mount the hatches. At that point, other things (three young children) got in the way and the kayak project was pushed to the back of the basement workshop.

There it sat under cover for the next 13+ years! Late last year I dusted it off and set about finishing the project. The recessed hatch areas were rebuilt and the cockpit coaming was constructed next. I finished all the fiberglass work on the deck in January and joined the hull to the deck in February. From there it was just of lot of sanding and painting.

Last Sunday I installed the fittings and bungee cords and I was finally done! I used KayakSport deck fittings and ordered new hatch covers from Sea-Lect Designs. Those hatch covers appear to be more durable than the original VCP hatch covers which had disintegrated.

I've attached a few photos and I hope one of them is good enough to appear on your launchings page.

Thank you for all the work you've done to promote kayaking and for creating some beautifully designed boats. You have brought many hours (and years) of enjoyment to so many.

Take care,
Jeff LaPrise
Windsor, CT USA"

Black Pearl – Jeff LaPrise


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