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Black Pearl - Lars Johansson

Black Pearl on the beach in Höganäs

Hello Björn!

Black Pearl "THIS WAY UP" have seen the sea.

This friday I paddled the winters work for the first time, a little nervously since it was the first time in this kind of kayak, but everything was just fine.

The photo is from outside Höganäs, and shows how the deck hardware that you published on the tips page turned out.

Hoping for a nice summer so I can learn to control which side is up and when.

Lars Johansson


The BP is SO stunning in white. Beautiful work, Lars.

Den är verkligen snygg!

Vad är det för luckor du har använt och vart fick du tag på dem?

Hi Dan!

Thank you, it is nice to get that positiv comment from you.

I have read your paint test and think it is very good.

My experience from a Kavat i finished in 2003 and coated with 4 layer of clear Perfection, and still fine, made me choose it for my Black Pearl as well.

Hi Henrik and thank you too!

The deckplates come from Beckson and is the pry out model, you get them from Orust Kajak.

They have nice design and the small 6" is good but the 8" is not fitting so tight and can pop out when you dont want it to, ie packing with some preasure from inside.

After talking to Björn he told me that it is a well known problem and some builders put an extra locking device on top.

If i build another kayak..... i will mount a screw-out model for the big plate.

Thank you Björn!

/ Lars

Thanks for the advice Lars!

I might add that the only trouble I have had with the 8" plate was after four years when the O-ring seal was worn and aged in combination with a repair of the deck hardware that resulted in an aft compartment so hermetically sealed that I might pop the plate just by sitting on the aft deck. The remedy was to replace the O-ring and drill a 1/2 mm hole in the aft bulkhead. After that it remains securely in place.

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