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Black Pearl - Peter Nelly

Spraydeck fit?

"Hi Björn!

With one day to go to the summer vacation, I finished it. No time to find a suiting spaydeck, so I´ll have to do with the old, for now...

Black Pearl

Reasonably satisfied with my first attempt at kayak building, have learned a lot, not the least through mistakes.

It tipped the scale at 15,5 kg, which was a surprice considering the at times somewhat sloppy epoxy management!

Spraydeck on

Took a short tour on the lake this evening, slightly tippy initially, but surpricingly managed a cowboy-rescue! Rolling was a piece of cake, perhaps no surprice there. =)

Now I´ll just have to get used to sit with feet angled forward.

I am sure we will have a lot of fun, thanks for a very satisfying project. No doubt there will be one for the girlfriend as well.

Best regards
Peter Nelly"


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