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Black Pearl - small

A tiny Black Pearl

A new Black Pearl emerged from a workshop in Stockholm recently – the result of a rolling class a couple of years ago. No sea trials yet. The new pearl is small: 481x44 cm.


Hi all!

A small pearl for a small woman - me. Right now I am very pregnant so the first sea trial will have to wait until I have shrunk a bit. Hopefully we will return with new pictures by the end of the summer!

Congrats - and I am looking forward to pics from the sea trials - and maybe an order for a very small Black Pearl later on…

If I am meant to have anything to do with a very small black pearl it better be far enough in the future to allow me to forget how horrible it was to build the first one. :)

I'm extremely grateful for your work in streamlining the production process. Without that I'm certain that Jackie's BP would not exist.

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