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Building pics with kayak and boat

A couple of really nice projects. The kayak is a Hunter, nicely built by Bruce Webb i North Carolina – almost finished and with launchings photos coming soon.

The little sailboat below is a gaff rigged Sharpie 600, by Bernard Goffin in Belgium. A beautiful job! In the pics you can see the initial puzzle of plywood pieces that form the hull, deck, and cabin, the mast tabernacle, the turning of the hull (nice to have a hull that can be handled by two!) and the primed hull – that after some more sanding will be apple green with a cream white deck (yummy...)

On Bernard's sajt you will find a lot of pics from the construction process.

 The little boat is a quite simple build. A number of precut plywood panels with slots are pushed together like a large 3-d puzzle, forming the hull, deck, cabin, bunks, pantry, centerboard trunk, cockpit etc. This backbone structure is then covered with plywood bottom, sides, deck, cabin top, bunk tops, seats etc – everything glued together to form a strong, simple and light monocoque hull. Two rig alternatives: gaff yawl or two-masted lugger. 


Bruce did a fantastic job on the Hunter. Carbon twill is so pretty on a bias!

Why did you have to show pictures of the Sharpie?!? Now I want to want to build a sailboat. Not sure if my wife will like THAT idea! :)

Terribly sorry, Dan – and my apologies to your wife ;-)

Thanks Dan. The carbon fiber is a little tougher to wet-out and form, but it does look really cool. It also helps keep the weight down, 35.2 pounds completely rigged!

Hi all, the sharpie from mister Goffin is for sale now, nearly finished! It is on

Greetz, Arend

If someone is interested in this little gaff rigged sharpie, the ad is here.

The asked price is € 8.000,00 and the highest bid (at the moment of writing) is € 5.000,00.

From what I have seen in the provided photos the workmanship is of professional quality.

On Bernard Goffin's site there are a lot of photos from all parts of the building project and all specs, and here is my presentation of the Sharpie 600.

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