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CSFW with a new Njord


Dan (with CSFW) is building a new Njord. The first were shipped to Spain earlier this spring. The new one will be christened "Azure" and will be painted blue. The hull and deck are done, and Dan has solvet the deck puzzle in a clever way - Njord may otherwise be a little tricky due to the tight curvature of lines around the cockpit. I softened the lines after having some problems stripping the prototype. Together with Dans stripping scheme I think it will be a straightforward operation. Read more on Dan´s site.

A lot of building photos.


I wish I could take all the credit. Ulf Johannson warned me early into the Nereida build about the nasty reverse curve in the aft deck. He showed me how easy it would be to create a hump. I dodged that one by creating a hard crease. I thought long and hard about how to keep this one fair. With a painted deck I was able to try different schemes on each side. The port side was done after the starboard and came out better.

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