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Dalsland Kanot Maraton+ 2004-08-14

I participated in a long distance kayak and canoe race on the beautiful lakes of Dalsland in western Sweden this weekend - an extremely well organized event with 390 participating kayaks and canoes. The distance was 30 nautical miles and the kayaks had to be portaged at three occasions between the lakes (portages of 150-300 meter, one of them with a substantial height difference). I came in as nr 21 after 6 hours and 39 minutes (including time for portaging), the third sea kayak to finish. I used my old Nomad and a greenland paddle, and calculated my average speed to 4,6 knot (time on land deducted). Approx half of the participants used competition, multisport or excercise kayaks, the rest sea kayaks and even a couple of falt kayaks (Klepper). Anyone happens to be in western Sweden next august (probably the 13th)? Do not miss this!


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