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A Sea Racer in Budapest

Havsracer i Budapest – Mohos Imre

Just over a year ago, Imre Mohos in Budapest ordered the Sea Racer plans, and here is the result: a light and well-built and outfitted kayak – but of course, I hope the hours is an ironic kayak builders joke ;-)

" Hi Björn,

After about 10000 working hours my boat is finished. Unfortunately a little overweight, 14.4 kg, but as a first attempt, it is acceptable. Today I paddled for the first time MY Sea Racer, it runs very nicely.

Thank you.

Sea Racer, Imre Mohos

Sea Racer av Imre Mohos

Sea Racer, Imre Mohos


Smart lösning med buntband för trimning av roderlinor.

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