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Frej – Bernard Pellegrin

Frej – Bernard Pellegrin

A new and beautifully constructed Frej in the waters around Guadeloupe:

"Hi Bjorn, That's it, I've been sailing with my new Kayak for 2 months now. It is perfect, 16 kg, lively, very seaworthy, fast.

It corresponds exactly to what I wanted to do with it.

I don't want any more.

No difficulties encountered during the construction, the plans are perfect, and your site is an example of sharing knowledge and experience.

It is very rare and should be reported

Thank you,

Frej – Bernard Pellegrin

Frej – Bernard Pellegrin

Frej – Bernard Pellegrin


Hi Bernard!

How did you get it so light? I can't see a front hatch, only a rear wooden one, which should explain part of it if so, but I guess you used some kind of light wood? Nice inlays also - I have to admit I think most decorations, inlays, and aesthetical woodwork on kayaks are problematic (at best), but what you have done really looks good in my eyes. On a side note, here were I live there's still a lot of ice on the river, and your surroundings really looks like a piece of paradise...!

Hi Johan

You’ve got good eyes, there is only a rear hatch, because I only use the boat for short trips, less than a day.

Il is so light because I used red cedar and I wighed resin to use the less I can. I also made food-rests by myself (just pieces or wood)and did’nt use adjustable .

I exactly followed Bjorn’recommendations and it fits !!

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