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Frej – Klaas van der Pijl

Frej – Klaas van der Pijl

Launched: a special Frej for a tall paddler.

"Hi Bjorn,

It has been quite a while since you adjusted your plans for Frej for my weight, and I started building. She has been finished for approximately a year and a half now. I recently started thinking about building another kayak, and realised that I never told you I finished it. I am extremely happy with my Frej. She fits me like a glove, and does everything I expected her to do. Even with the extended length of +/- 5.7 metres she is extremely maneuverable. A tiny bit of lean makes her go anywhere I want. I can roll her quite easily, and yet she feels very stable in the water. I actually prefer the way she handles in the waves over totally flat water, but that might also be because I enjoy the waves so much :)

In the attachment a picture I took while I was on a course at the Dutch 'waddeneilanden' with Nico Middelkoop. I also have a rather low quality video of most of the build at 

Again, thank you so much for helping me with this, and feel free (but not obliged) to post this on your website.

Klaas van der Pijl"


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