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Hans Rengman – Njord for HBB 2010

Hans in the new Njord
Trying the kayak prior to start...

"Hi Björn

Now my Njord is almost finished – small adjustments to the hatches, deck lines and seat remains. I have test paddled a couple of times and like the way it handles. The building project have been a slow one – interrupted frequently to consider alternative ways and methods, but mostly ended up close to the suggested ways. The goal has not been exhibition quality, but a rugged touring kayak. The scale tipped at approx 20 kg, which i believe is quite good considering the length 585 cm and some extra fiberglass reinforcing.

The mean speed is good with the Greenland paddle I converted to this winter – as good or better than with the euro. Look forward to see if I get the same result in my old Norton kayak.

I will have reason to talk more on the long distance touring qualities – the start of my HBB * is planned to May 17. Hope to see you when I pass through your waters.

Thanks for help and advice during construction!


(* Note to non-Swedes: the HBB (Seakayakers Blue Ribbon – link in Swedish only, but Google translate may make it at least intelligible) is a self-contained paddling of the Swedish Coast, approx 2500 km in one season and without other interruptions than overnight camping).

Follow Hans on his way round Sweden on:

Hans in the new Njord

The new Njord


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