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Inspirerande Black Pearl-bygge

Black Pearl, Dan Caouette of CSFW

massor av bilder...Dan Caouette with CSFW is building a new  Black Pearl – this time for a Canadian customer.

Dan Caouette: "Over the weekend I started a new project in the shop. It's a design called the "Black Pearl". It's a world-renown high-performance sea kayak designed by Bjorn Thomasson in Sweden. I built three of them in 2007 and helped launch the shop. This one is for a customer in Ottawa, Ontario."

The project is well documented with lots of nice photos, showing Dan's building method and some very interesting solutions, that may inspire other builders.

Follow the discussion and comments on Dan's facebook page, and on  Kayak Building Forum.


I've been watching this build. It's been a fun one. I'm curious about how you embedded the Facebook gallery into your blog post. Care to share?

Bryan, it is not really embedded, it is just a linked screenshot of the gallery page (slightly rearranged in photoshop ;-)

Bryan, I wondered the same thing at first. That would have been slick!

Thanks for the post, Bjorn. I'm picking it up from the paint shop this afternoon. It should be fully outfitted this weekend. I'll send you a few high-resolution when it's complete.

Thanks, Björn.

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