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John´s White Pearl?

John´s White Pearl

A week ago John March took command of a new "White" Pearl, built by Dan Caouette (CSFW). A couple of sea trials later…

Hi All,

After five or six test paddles, I finally got the outfitting mostly worked out today and immediately had standard layback, shotgun and butterfly rolls plus the balance brace working almost effortlessly onside and offside plus the kayak is now readily controllable with subtle movement from the hips. Next issue: how to keep water out of the cockpit, and after that it is on to the throwing stick and forward finishing rolls. Can't wait for the BIK symposium!


Thanks to all for your help and encouragement. I love this boat.


John´s White Pearl at sea

Photo: Bill Bremer and Dan Caouette


En fråga till Björn gällande rollandet och kajakval (fick en tanke av ovanstående text och är ju dokumenterat nyfiken):

- Kan man säga att det är mer höftknyck i låga smala rollvänliga kajaker och mer "paddeltagskraft" i större/vanliga havskajaker?


Njae, jag skulle nog hellre säga att det är mer höftknyck i större havskajaker och mer en långsam mjuk vridning i låga rollvänliga. Höftknyck som begrepp antyder något som går fort och kräver en snabb och lite plötslig muskelinsats - skall egentligen aldrig behövas, och är inte helt riskfritt med tanke på sträckningar i ouppvärmda muskler.

Däremot måste man lägga lite kraft i paddeln för att få upp överkroppen på ett högre akterdäck, medan man kan "flyta" in på ett lågt däck (som dessutom genom sin låga volym trycks ner en aning när man lutar bakåt) utan märkbart stöd. Det här sagda gäller bara rollar som avlutas med bakåtlutning.

Bjorn, mind sending a rough translation! Sometimes I wish I could read Swedish.

John's was a fun project. Definitely my best kayak to date. John was the perfect client: he knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to ask for advice. More information, including a complet build log and pictures, can be found on our website.

Bjorn thanks for a great design...


The comments were not about the kayak, but about rolling in general. Patric suggested that maybe one hipflicked a small volume rolling kayak as opposed to using paddle mechanics in a larger sea kayak – and I suggested in return that hipflick (indicating a sudden burst of power) should be avoided altogether in favour of a slow and flowing unwinding of the body – but I agreed that a little more power on the blade is needed to lift the upper body on top of a higher aft deck, where almost none is needed in a BP.

Hey, you can't see that question as a suggestion Björn. ;) It was a question! Thanks for your suggestion&answer! It makes sense in my mind. Yhough; I haven't done the neat&nicekayakrolling yet... It might come. And, I AM just curious sometimes, quite often.

(But yeah, sometimes I might have a little hidden argument/suggestion behind my questions here, as well as somewhere else. :) I do admit. :) )

Yup, but seeing a suggestion in your question made for a debate. I like debates. Prefer questioning answers to answering questions :-)


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