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Kavat in Norway - Lars Opdal

Kavat in evening light

"Hei Björn!

The kavat i finally finished. Built with a retractable skeg and bulkheads. Launching site was Vansjø in Rygge (N). After a few insecure strokes it felt increasingly stable and safe, and at the same time very easily handled. In other words, just as advertised :o)

I have used it a couple of times in the archepilago outside Nøtterøy. The more I paddle the more right it feels.

Lars and Jenny

I want to thank you Björn for a splendid design and good advice underways, but most of all my father Knut, who spent uncounted hours, some frustration and much patience on the kayak. A finer 30-year birthday gift is unthinkable!

Lars Opdal


Kavat up front


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