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Kavat - Lasse Hagerö

Lasse´s new Kavat

Hi! Launched my new Kavat this sunday. The project started in september 2004 in a building class with Jan Karlsson, but has been on hold for a couple of times. In total I have put approx 450 hours into the kayak, including two paddles, seat and back support. The kayak have a fixed skeg and fixed footrest, no bulkheads or hatches. It tipped the scale at 20,5 kg. The premiere was memorable, since I capsized in a gust after 200 m, losing my glasses. My brother Rolf, who as opposed to me, is an accomplished paddler helped me back into the kayak. With a bucketful of water (no pump!) we continued. In spite of that the kayak was easily driven and handy, and tracked nicely even in the sometimes gusty side wind. Looking forward to familiarize myself with Claire-Estelle (named after my daughters). Thank you for the informative plans/manual and your site, always worth reading.

Regards, Lasse Hagerö, Kristinehamn


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