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Kayakshow in the Tanum municipal hall

”Hi Björn!

Here are a couple of photos from our show "vatten-nära" (close-to-water) at the Tanum municipal hall on the swedish west coast. With the help of local newspapers there has been great interest. mediaMed hjälp av de lokala tidningarna har utställningen rönt ett stort intresse. Photos and text complement the kayaks to inspire to paddling as well as building your own kayak, and give information on the building process and where to get plans.

Kayak show at the Swedish west coast

Hanging on the wall are our Isfjords, launched in the spring 2007. On the stands the new kayak "Iskra", which is a hybrid between Isfjord and Kavat. The dimensions are 5,35x0,57 m. Stem and stern are lifted 7 and 5 cm respectively above a nidship low point. The fore deck is arched while the aft deck is flat. deck heights in front of and aft of the cockpit are 26,5 and 20 cm. The kayak is build in aspen with a couple of decorative strips in alder. The weight 22 kg. The forestem is straight while the aft stem is a soft curve.

Regards Billy & Anki”

Kayak show at the Swedish west coast


Jag blir glad när jag ser vackra kajaker och dessa var derkligen vackra!

Kul med utställning på detta viset, borde kunna få fler nyfikna på det här med att bygga kajak själv.


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