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Nanoq from the Netherlands

Golan Raaymakers/GoSu – Nanoq

Another beautiful kayak from Golan in Beerta, just south of the Dollard bay and the Waddenzee on the North Sea coast.

"Hi Bjorn,

This time I send you a few pictures of the Nanoq that I just finished. 

The Nanoq has a more complex shape than the Njord ( I build earlier ) and was therefore much more difficult tot build; the sweep of the bow and stern uses the flexibility of the strips to their limits. I did not want to use "cheater" strips. But achieving its designed shape is well worth the effort; the Nanoq is a maneuverable boat that also tracks well. Thanks for the great design !

Kind regards,
Golan Raaymakers/GoSu"

Golan Raaymakers/GoSu – Nanoq


Beautiful build!

How does it feel on the water compared to your Njord?

Hi Thomas,

The Njord is very suitable for long distance tracking at high speed ( steady course, even without the use of a skeg), while the Nanoq is much more flexible in his movements: the kayak reacts immediately with just one tip of the paddle in the water! The Nanoq rotates very fast in comparison with the Njord and tracks well with the use of the skeg.

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