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Nya kajaker från Seabird

My cooperation with Seabird Designs is over - our opinions about quality, customers and service differ too much.

For Seabird Designs I have designed two K2:s, in addition to the Nordr M2, shown on the Kanumesse in Nürnberg

The next is a long, slim and fast kayak, Nordr L2 (shown on a roll-up as a coming model in Nürnberg) and intended for a competent or ambitious couple, interested in fast and safe passages, or work-out and competition paddling.

The latest addition is a large kayak, Nordr XL3, with lots of volume and a large hatch between the cockpits. Intended for a family in need of a stable, roomy and seaworthy kayak, still capable of turning out a decent turn of touring speed. The hatch can double as a center cockpit for a kid or a dog – or even an adult if needed (not very comfortable though ;-)


Nordr M2: 559x72 cm, draft 13 cm, load capacity 225 kg, total volume 680 liter, Cp 0,58, sinkage 1 cm per 26 kg load, wetted surface 2,93 m2.

Nordr L2: 640x60 cm, draft 13 cm, load capacity 220 kg, total volume 550 liter, Cp 0,57, sinkage 1 cm per 24 kg load, wetted surface 2,95 m2.

Nordr XL3: 640x70 cm, draft 13 cm, load capacity 300 kg, total volume 760 liter, Cp 0,56, sinkage 1 cm per 30 kg load, wetted surface 3,50 m2.

M2 is on its way to the dealers, while the other two will be available during spring 2013, if everything works out as planned.


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