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Njord around the globe…

During my vacation I have received five launchings reports with Njords – in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and USA.

Juli 31 Erik Frantzen in Denmark mailed this report and these pics – a new beautifully built Njord (I saw it in Denmark last week)

Eriks new Njord

Hello Björn

My Njord was launched at the summer meeting at Limfjorden. Some of those trying it were so impressed, that they ordered plans.

The hull is built quick-and-dirty, as you call it. It is fast work, but the strips need a good fit, otherwise gaps in the epoxy weekens the joints (perhaps more a feeling than actual knowledge). The deck is built staple-less. A routed grove in the molds made it possible to use sinmple clamps to hold the strips – assisted with hot glue where the strips tended to lift from the molds.

Cockpit and hatches

I intended to paint the entire kayak with Internationals Perfektion – the hull platinium and the deck royal blue. But in the end I left the deck clear, partly because I happened to have a can of Internationals Schooner and partly because the deck came out quite nicely.

The recesses for the hatyches are built in 3 mm plywood, hidden, perhaps not very elegantly, in black paint. Cockpit rim is carbon fiber to match the black hatches.

Erik Frantzen

Augusti 2 this mail and photos came from Carl Johan Steffen in Limhamn:

Carl Johan i sin nya Njord

Hello Björn

Launched my Njord in early july after a hectic building period. Thanks for your help..

After some ten paddling days I am very satisfied, especially since I added hip- and backsupport. A leaky control line tubing have to be fixed coming winter.

A new Njord in Limhamn

Since this is just my second year in kayaking I do not have much to compare with, but the Njord is very easily manoevered with the skeg up, very easily driven and insensitive to wind and waves. I have not yet tried rolling.

With a little discipline there is room for all the gear needed. I have moved the bulkheads a little to make room for bulky items in the cockpit.

We found Bohuslän in july somewhat crowded with boats, so Tjust on the east coast came as a pleasant surprice; fewer boats and a really beautiful archipelago..

I am already contemplating my next building project, in a year or two – and looking forward to reduce the building time with at least fifty percent.

My Njord data:
Loa 5,20 m
Beam 50 cm
Weight 17,7 kg

Regards Carl Johan

The same day Magne Tollefsen from Skien in Norwaypresented a yellow Njord:

Magnes yellow Njord

Hello Bjørn.

At last my Njord is finished, launched and paddled a couple of days. The cockpit is a little tighter than I would have thought, but I am getting used to it. It manoevers efficiently, rolls easily and I am eager to try it in open sea. As you see it is painted yellow. I use a paint from Jotun, called Hardtop, intended for fiberglass boats. I have not yet painted the insides, would you say that is needed?

Have already started thinking of my next project, but more on that later..

Thanks for the inspiration and good advices on your web page. I have linked to it from our paddle clubs site, so that my collegues can access all the information there.

Regards Magne.

August 4 this came from Dan Caouette in USA:

Azure – a new transatlantic Njord

Hello Bjorn,

Excuse this very brief message. Things are crazy around here lately.

Sittbrunnen I närbild

I thought you would be interested in hearing that [my customer] picked up his Njord last Saturday (July 26th). We did the final outfitting together at the shop. Final weight was 39 pounds. I little heavier than we wanted but the little bits add up fast (the hatches alone weigh almost a kilo!). He's thrilled with it. He raced it this weekend for the first time. Attached are a few pictures taken at the house and [my customer´s] race report.

"At the race yesterday, I was on the low side of Bjorn's prediction for speed, about 5.6 mph average, over 12.5 miles. It was a long race for me and the [Connecticut] River was a little elevated with a fair current so it was tiring. I picked up speed downstream but am not as skilled at river running as I am at sea kayaking. I'm never quite sure of the best line to take. Still I got a second place because I was in the Touring Class with only two kayaks! (That's the class where the boat has to be at least 18" wide at the 4" waterline.) I am waiting for my [Bughead] Akuilisaq which should come this week and then will go off shore as soon as I can get the opportunity. I picked up a little scratch on the very bottom of the stern, nothing at all, but I think I'll put some body guard a few inches up the stern.

I love the kayak and you did an exceptional job on it! Many many thanks."

I still have 5 or 6 blog entries to post on the construction and I need to work up the gallery page. Consider this a sneak preview...


…och finally (this far!), on augusti 6, Gösta Schwartz in Kalmar, a builder of many kayaks, sent this:


Hello Björn.

Pics of my latest, a Njord.

Abacci in the hull,Brazilian Cedar in the deck, inlays in aspen, weight 17,3 kg.

Regards Gösta in Kalmar.


Hei alla Njord-byggare,

Fina båtar har ni. Här är en annan byggare, har nu byggat nästän 2 år, ganske 150-200 timmar i total to be honest. Har inte bokförat timmar. Just nu jobbar jag med recessed däckslinor och recessed "hembyggad" glasfiber luckor med U-shaped ränna så att vatten ska inte överflöd men kan rinna ut från öppningar i båda sidor av luckan. Det tar tid men hoppas det är värd det alla.

Nästä steg ska vara att limma skrov och däck tilsammans. Har ni bra tipps hur ska man göra det innan att det blir limfattig foga? Hade några problemer med epoxy som rinnade ut när jag limmade skegbox. Är ganske tjockad epoxy rätt eller bäst lösning?


Mitt råd är att först pensla tunn epoxy på båda limytorna för att mätta trävirket, därefter lägga en rand med tjock epoxy (konsistens som jordnötssmör) på relingskanten och så sätta ihop skrov och däck.

hej bjørn.

vi har tankt paddla från tyskland via slovakien,rumania,bulgarien och så slutligen istanbul.

vad ska man tænka på evt ha med sig.

hur lång tid cirka uppskattnings vis tar det.

tacksam før svar...

Det tar två och en halv månader och ni behöver ha med solhatt, regnkläder och ett bankkort!

Skämt åsido – det är såklart helt omöjligt att svara på sådana frågor ;-)

Möjligen skulle man lite raljerande kunna säga att om ni verkligen behöver dessa svar, skulle ni nog spara mycket bekymmer genom att köpa tågbiljetter istället– eller annars börja med en kortare tur (en veckotur runt Danmark till exempel) för att få koll på basfakta som paddelfart, hur många timmar om dygnet ni orkar vara igång etc, och vad man behöver ha med i kajakerna/kanoten. Sedan kan ni börja planera.

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