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Njord in Norrland

Njord at sunset
Njord at sunset

A few experiences and pics from Leif in Norrland (northern Sweden)

Hej Björn!

Have noted that Njord is one of the more popular of your models, judging from the launching page. I am getting used to the kayak now, even if it still feels a little tippy in waves. I have practiced rolling and feel quite confident now. Njord is so easily rolled that it feels almost like cheating.

In an earlier mail I promised more pics. Here are some from e three-day tour in Luleå archipelago. Couldn´t resist the pattern in the sand on Sandy Island together with my Njord. Note the pointed mahogany strips - I spent a few extra working hours there...

Regards/ Leif Karlsson

Close-ups of the deck


Sjukligt snyggt!

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